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crazygamelover 22-02-2005 21:28

Taiyo Yuden ?
Are the Taiyo Yuden dvd-r's still the best dvd-r's for back ups of PS2 games? Also would like a link to a good site to buy some. Thanks guys.

woo124 22-02-2005 23:10

Yes, most people recommend TY or Ritek.
Some recommended these:

Terry Bogard 22-02-2005 23:46

I find Ritek to be one of the 'better' DVD-R's on the market. I haven't tried those Taiyo brand.

I also find TDK and Verbatim to be pretty good.

Ice Man II 23-02-2005 02:32

I though Ritek changed their dye?

Skelaratus 23-02-2005 09:39

Well I started a post which was mosved to the "Media" catergory of Ritek versus Taiyo Yuden dvd-r media. I also did some personal experiements comparing the two media. I would check that out under the "media" section of the forums for the lowdown.

WordBringer 23-02-2005 10:23

u can get TYs here for 32.99 free gound ship for 100pk which ant bad at all

Warlock 23-02-2005 14:48

All i use anymore is TY dvd-r media. I buy from

crazygamelover 23-02-2005 16:17

Thanks guys.

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