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vollachr 09-04-2018 05:44

Supreme League of Patriots (Full Season) - 2xDVD5 [CIUv2.0.5.1g]
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Supreme League of Patriots - Full Season - 2xDVD5
By VollachR

Images: Google Search
Icon: Own Made from Game's Logo
Cursor: Own made based on game cursor
Music: Game's Theme Music
Button Sounds: Recorded from Game (Click sound only)
Setup Graphics: VollachR (Own made with Photoshop CS5)
Conversion Type: Upgraded from CIU to CIU
Compression type: Freearc: m4
Compression Time: Approx. 11 Minutes
Conversion Complete Time: Approx. 11 Minutes
Install Time: Approx. 4 Minutes
Tested On: Windows 10 64bit
Testing Machine Specs: Intel Core i7 6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB RAM
Redist: No
Compatiblity: GOG (Game Version
Version: 1.1
First Created: December 2015

Supported Install Languages:


Multi19: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Mexican, Portuguesse, Brazillian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Czech, Swedish

1. Install ALL 3 episodes of Supreme League of Patriots to the same folder on your hard drive.

Expected Folder Structure:


Your Folder\Supreme League of Patriots Episode 1
Your Folder\Supreme League of Patriots Episode 2
Your Folder\Supreme League of Patriots Episode 3

2. Download & Extract SLOP_2xDVD5.rar anywhere you want, NOT the game's install folders.

Note: Add any additional files you want to include in the last disc to the sub-folder [Common\Files\Misc] (Soundtrack/artwork/NoCD Patch/etc.)

3. Run Converter.exe and select the folder where the game is installed

4. Follow the on screen instruction and select the location to create the conversion, what to do when conversion ends and if the ISO files should be automatically created and if so where to create them.

5. Wait for conversion to finish.

6. Test your conversion before burning.


Final Sizes:

DVD 1: 3.89GB
DVD 2: 1.83GB (W/O Additional Files)

Version History:

Version 1.1:
  • Updated from CIU to CIU
  • Now Using UCC v4.1.3.2 Compressor
  • Updated installer design to accomodate for additional DirectX line in System Check page (bigger text area, smaller buttons)
  • Updated Buttons & Text Fonts
  • Slightly better compression

Version 1.0:
  • Initial Release (December 2015)
  • Never Released on FileForums


Q: I don't like the compression it's too slow/not compressed enough, can you create a version with a different compression?

A: No, if want to try a different compression feel free to do it yourself, just edit the Data#.ini files in the conversion's [Common\Settings] folder to try a different compression, for available options see the UCC Wiki.

Q: Will this conversion work with game version X?

A: The conversion is made for GOG version of the game with game version, so, while compression will work regardless (as long as the episodes are in the same parent folder) the installer will need updating for any other version of the game.

Q: The conversions doesn't work, I get an error or the compression unexpectedly stop in the middle, why?

A: Theoretically there's no reason for that to happen, that said, make sure you have enough space in the drive in which you create the conversion, you need at least 40GB, also, try and disable you anti-virus software.






Small Installer

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