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TylerDurden 01-04-2004 18:06

CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD combo

Basically if you wanna keep all your menus and just get rid of certain useless bonus tracks or previews, here's a little tutorial.

STEP ONE - Run Anydvd and Start CloneDVD2

Choose Clone DVD. It is the blue highlighted button on the pic above.

TylerDurden 01-04-2004 18:19

STEP TWO - Load Original DVD and Look at what you have

In the DVD Video Files drop down point towards either your original dvd in the drive or where ever your have already extracted your files.

I personally like to use the Preview tab so I can see which actual videos I want to keep and which ones I want to get rid of. Just highlight the Title number and check or uncheck whichever videos youd like to keep.

Keep in mind the DVD-5 Quality sliding bar above the Back and Next buttons. The more videos you uncheck the the better the quality of your completed compressed video will be. I like to try and get the sliding bar to hit the green area, but the yellow is not too bad. If you have a HDTV or other high quality television the green area is your target.

When your done here click Next.

TylerDurden 01-04-2004 18:27

STEP THREE - Selecting Audio and Subs

After clicking Next in the last step your work in progress will get scanned and a more true Slide Graph will be shown on the bottom of your screen. Keep an eye on it as you select/deselect audio. I tend to keep all English Audio including Commentaries (if availiable). I also choose to deselect all Subtitles, but you can pick and chose any combination best suits your needs.

After youve done this your first time CloneDVD2 will remember your settings from your last encodings.

When you've finished click Next.

TylerDurden 01-04-2004 18:36

STEP FOUR - Outputs, Outputs, Outputs

Here you can choose whether you want to make DVD Files on your hdd, an ISO Image on your hdd, or burn directly to your DVD Writer.

Select the Volume title of your dvd.

Also make sure you have enough space in the directory of your Temporary Directory. This is the space where CloneDVD2 will work with your files. I always have delete temp files selected so I dont have to manually do it afterwards.

When you think your all ready just hit Go! and depending on your personal setup your movie will be processed.



TylerDurden 01-04-2004 18:38

If you would like to read more about what you can do with CloneDVD2 just go here:

That was where I got all this info and pics from. I just brought you the basics in hopefully an easier to read and understand tutorial.


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