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GiovanniR 09-11-2015 10:31

Marantz CDR630
I am a new member from Italy. I had no idea, before finding this Forum, that burning CD-R was not so simple as it seems. I have an old Marantz CD630 Professional writer. I am not able to write and by searching on the net it seems that the problem is due to the fact that the machine is old and can only work with very low recording speed. I did try many brands and types of CD-R, Audio grade and Data grade, 680 or 800 MB, and so on, with no result. Does anyone know if it can work with a specific CD-R? Any idea?
Thank you so much in advance.
Kind regards

Grumpy 10-11-2015 14:25

Maybe there is a 'Firmware' update which would allow it to recognize different brand CD's?
CD/DVD drives are relatively cheap these days, would probably be easier just to buy a newer one.
Also, regardless of the speeds of the drive and Discs, it is actually better to burn at a slower speed anyway, I don't burn anything over 4x.

GiovanniR 14-11-2015 12:52

Dear Grumpy,
thank you for your reply and please excuse my late answer. Because of my bad English I suspect that I may have been not clear. I am talking about an audio CD recorder, that I would like to use for recording my LPs on CDs, or for duplicating audio CDs. By now it can only read CDs perfectly, but it is no able to write and according to what I have found on the net the problem is because the machine is accepting only CDs with a recording speed of 1x-4x, a type of CD that I am not able to find. In conclusion, the machine only works on CDs that strictly respect the original CD red book specifications. So my question is: are there still available some brand of CD which attain to the original specification only, without those further evolution like 52X and so on?
Kind regards

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