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TexanPride 16-05-2006 19:44

Can someone tell me why?
Today I upgraded my CD-rom to a CD-RW. I followed the installion procedures. And the new CD-RW is reading and playing music but it wont let me burn a cd. Can someone please tell me some possible troubleshooting tips on how I can fix this problem with my current CD-RW.... Thanks

Joe Forster/STA 17-05-2006 03:34

What do you mean it won't let you burn a CD: the PC locks up, the CD burner software doesn't work anymore, you can't see the menu item to burn CD's...?

GLH 17-05-2006 09:26

I can't believe that it is possible to turn a CD-ROM into a CD-Burner !!!

RincewindTheWiz 17-05-2006 13:36

GLH, you read that wrong :D He's saying he replaced his cdrom drive with a cd writer.

GLH 17-05-2006 19:39

Thx, Rincewind. :)

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