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lala2008 05-09-2007 15:40

Blades of Glory (US)
hey, im new to the forums, and so far ive been succesful for the other backups of my movies, but i have one problem with my version of Blades of Glory. I use DVD43 as a decrypter, and I use 1Click DVD Copy 5 for the burining, compression, and all that jazz. I use a Vista OS. It copies everything without any errors, but when i put it in my DVD player, it just goes to the next DVD, (i have a 5-slot DVD player). I really dont understand this, and i always use a writing speed of 4x. I use the Mazell DVD+R 4.7 G Blue Dye Disks. Please help me!! :confused:

Grumpy 06-09-2007 02:41

I havent tried this movie but use the latest version of AnyDVD to get past the protection on it. Trial version should do the trick. ;)

lala2008 08-09-2007 06:01

thank you!

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