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Soul_IT 29-12-2006 11:49

Moving Half Life 2 Steam to a pc not connected to internet
Hello, not much time ago I bought (via Steam and CC) a pack containing:
- Half Life 2
- Half Life 2:DM
- Counter Strike:Source
- Half Life 2:Episode One
- Half Life 2:Lost Coast
After the downloads all the game worked ok, and I always kept them up-to-date via Steam, wich worked well and it never gave me problems.

At that time I lived at my parents house (wich have a quite fast internet connection), but about a week ago we had some very bad problems, so we need to move to another house, wich don't have a internet connection, and now I have another, less faster, computer.
My old computer works well in offline mode, I can play at any game, and work on my mod, even now that I don't have internet connection.
The bad now is that we need to sell the old computer (wich is the faster one :( ), so I need to move the steam files and the games to the new computer.
I cannot use the old house connection (wich anyway is no longer active) to at least reinstall all the stuff on the new pc :(
I've already tried to copy ALL c:\Program Files\Steam from old to new pc, but it says "Unable to connect to the Steam Network. Offline mode is unvailable because there is no steam login information stored on this computer".
The fact is that I HAVE that information on the old computer, I only want to move them to the new one, then the old pc will be sold, I will obviously format the old pc before giving it away, so my account will be only in my new pc.

Sorry for the long post, hope it explain clearly my problem, thanks in advance if anyone can help me out, 'cause all these game will be lost for me, along with the bucks...:(
Hope my english don't sucks too much :)

Joe Forster/STA 29-12-2006 14:45

Digitally downloaded and/or online activated games (including Steam) are not to be discussed on this forum. (Forum rule #1.) Thread closed.

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