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Revenged 23-08-2001 08:25

Compatibility questions
I have been browsing the forums, but I can't seem to find a precise answer to my questions. When someone says "it's like this", someone else seems to say "no, you're wrong". So I beg you, tell me how it is:

I have bought my Dreamcast from Finland, so it's an European one. I'm not sure about my TV. I think it is PAL, but I have tried Chu Chu Rocket on the 60hz setting, and it worked with no problems. It has a SCART input, which I use with my Dreamcast.

So here are my questions:
1. How can I tell whether an ISO downloaded from the Net is an European version of the game or an USA one?
2. If my TV goes for 60hz fine, is it NTSC "compatible" ?
3. If I download an ISO from the Net (an European version or a USA one) and burn it on a cd, will it work on my Dreamcast? Is all I need an Utopia Boot Cd? If so, which version will do? (Note: I DON'T mean import games.)
4. If they won't work, what must I do? Do I need to patch every ISO in order to get them work?
5. If it's going to require some patching work, how can I tell which patches to pick?

Thank you in advance. I hope I haven't been "newbieing" around too much.

sixdsix 23-08-2001 08:55

Scorpian answered this question just one thread ago, in responce to a question I had... The ISO/CDI shouldn't matter whether it is NTSC or PAL...

It might just look a bit different on the screen methinks... I have PAL VCDs and the screen is just not full... I would imagine it would be the same way for GDROMS... Anyway... Good luck and maybe one of my European friends could clear this up for you better...

scorpion225 24-08-2001 01:58

look in the readme files, whitch located in every archive you download (mostly *.nfo files), the you will read whitch version the game is, then when i say this is an ntsc one and you wanna have pal, go to and look if there are any ntsc2pal patch for this release.
thats it
for all your other questions search the forum, many people has answered them over an milion times.

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