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ashers2ashers 17-10-2008 18:54

Help noob with Sims2 seasons
Hey, I'll probably be a one time poster because I need this one problem fixed and I'm not sure how to do it. I have seen on other sim2 forums that it is possible to either make your game playable without a CD and even play using a different expansion CD from the one you are suppose to use. But I'm a complete nub these sort of things so I'll tell you my problem and then you can direct/help me

I just got a new laptop that my friend said is more than qualified to play sim2 at a good speed. I have all the expansion packs up to seasons and installed all of them but I couldn't get the seasons CD to run installation process at all. I found out that the reason is probably because I have this big smudgy scratch on my CD. I can look at all the files on the CD with major difficulties and when I remove the CD it says it cant find autorun.bmp, and yes I have tried keeping the CD in and it just does nothing.

So can someone help me find away to play sim2 seasons without buying another CD or direct me to someone who could?

DABhand 17-10-2008 20:48

Ask EA to send you a replacement, much easier, plus there is no help here for damaged media unfortunately, tis in the rules.

Joe Forster/STA 18-10-2008 07:37

See entry IV/3 of the PC Games forum FAQ on how to test the readability of a CD/DVD. If it's faulty, yes, contact the publisher for a replacement. Closed.

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