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e1w2blm 26-06-2005 03:57

:confused: :confused:
plz can u help me with deamon tools, how do u use it i have, i am trying to do sims 2 uni and with there being no cd out there i was hoping some one could tell me how to use deamon tools or a link, the reason i have not given this a good search is because i have to rush out and i know u ple care. tahnk-you

caki 26-06-2005 09:07

No big science. Make an image of the game with Alchohol 120% with safedisc 2/3 profile on, then install daemontools. Once its installed, double click on the exe. In your toolbar or watever you call the thing next to ure clock the daemon tools icon should appear. Right click on it, select Virtual CD/DVD rom,
mount image. Then select the image to mount. After that, right click the daemon tools icon again and select emulation, and then turn on safedisc emulation. Congrats, you can now play the game from a mounted cd.

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