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eakinsme 14-07-2004 19:44

Avg (anti-virus) tells me with a pop up that a virus is on my pc, and run avg to remove it...when i run AVG it says no virus have been found..
any ideas?
PS: i have the lastest update!!

TylerDurden 14-07-2004 20:41

You probably have a virus that is messing with AVG in the first place. You may want to use another antivirus to double check. Maybe someone here can recommend a good one.


eakinsme 14-07-2004 20:43


crazygamelover 16-07-2004 02:49

Go to and do a search for antivirus software. It should give you the most common programs used and check out the ratings when choosing one to see what is considered the best. I actually thought avg was the best myself as that is what I use but you might want to try good ole nortons or mccaffee. Does this pop up come up when booting the pc or did you access a site and then got the pop up? If it was at boot up, then you got something going on in there, if it happened when you accessed a site, it may not have dl onto your system and it could have been a spyware or adware pop up. In any case to be sure, you may want to take neccessary precautions which may involve spending the money for a second antivirus program or use a 30 day trial program which never gives you the full effects of the program. If your like me and back up everything on your hdd all the time for such occassions, just reformat the lil bugger and 90% of the time that will kill it. Use the reformat suggestion only as a last resort as it :( suks to have to reprogram everything back in. Hopefully this helps you. ;)

eakinsme 16-07-2004 11:33

no the message comes up at random times!! i mite not even be on-line!!

crazygamelover 16-07-2004 19:38

try this out and see if it helps!

Softix 10-01-2008 06:34

I think you should run your AVG anti virus and scan your hard drive. I am using AVg so if there is some pop up that there is virus into it run AVG and scan your hard disc drive.

Joe Forster/STA 10-01-2008 07:00

I understand that you're trying to help but the threads you've replied to are old - this thread's last post was made about 3.5 years ago. ;)

laique 02-08-2008 02:53

give me a linkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Doe11 23-08-2008 12:33


Originally Posted by Joe Forster/STA (Post 354173)
I understand that you're trying to help but the threads you've replied to are old - this thread's last post was made about 3.5 years ago. ;)

hahahaha very funny situation :)

Joe Forster/STA 05-09-2009 03:42

Most probably false positive; check the DLL with

atonibay 07-09-2009 00:32

I recommend you to buy bitdefender, kaspersky or download free antivirus software like avast. :)

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