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demoncleaner 21-01-2006 22:10

problem with trainer for obscure game
I recently bought the game obscure on PC but found it a little difficult with some of the monsters, so I download a trainer that basically lets me use cheats. Anyway, it didnt work so I downloaded another version of trainer for the game and it still didnt work. I tried all combinations like having the trainer loaded first then the game and vice versa but nothing. The trainers simply do not work with the game I have. Just wondering if anyone nows of a 3rd version of trainer for this game or does anyone know any cheats for the game, or any other way to get these trainers to work with the game? I bought the game in Australia if that helps.

demoncleaner 22-01-2006 04:28


TippeX 22-01-2006 06:03

please do NOT double post, you will piss off the mods

Grumpy 22-01-2006 09:22

Hmmm, a double post and a bump!!! True right you will piss us off!!
Please refrain from double posting and bumping your own thread!!
Be patient and your answer will come. ;)

demoncleaner 23-01-2006 06:50

i wasnt bumping the post, just wondered where everyone i guess noone has an answer? just wondering

DABhand 23-01-2006 07:44

The trainer only works with the version of the game (i.e. what revision number e.g v1.0 etc) and what area of the world the game was from.

Usually english versions are pretty much all the same.

If you have updated the game then you will have to find a trainer that works with that update.

demoncleaner 24-01-2006 06:26

well I have tried version 1 and 2 and both do not work, I have not been able to find any other versions out there unfortunately.

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