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cdkiller 03-02-2003 23:39

Protection ID info thread - v6.4.0 (build 08.07.2010)
would be nice if you can help me improving this tool
and finding bugs :)

iīve written this tool,
cause there is no other available wich detects the major protection alll together.

protection ID scanns exe files for:
* Safedisc
* SecuROM
* Starforce
* VOB Protect CD
* Laserlock

next version adds support for even more protections and
detailed securom and safedisc version.

get it on my website -> Download Section

cdkiller 04-02-2003 05:11

new update:
DLL Support
detects SecuROM version (code by CirKutz)
added second check for VOB Protect CD
improved Laserlock and SecuROM detection

krondike 04-02-2003 13:30

Hehe if ya want to know, it don't work with Windows XP Longhorn. Ether do SafeDisc Unwarper by Boolseye.
But it is about 2 year for the final releas. So U got very much time. Or it is a bug in Windows. I don't know.
I'm just giving U info.

cdkiller 05-02-2003 02:04

havenīt tried it on winxp longhorn yet ;)
but iīm sure it will work, cause iīm using the win32apis...

new update v0.4
* detection of UPX
* DAT files can be scanned (e.g. Aquanox2)
* added VOB Protect CD Serial hint
* support for newest VOB Protect CD (e.g. Highland Warriors)

krondike 05-02-2003 02:31


Originally posted by cdkiller
havenīt tried it on winxp longhorn yet ;)
but iīm sure it will work, cause iīm using the win32apis...

Nope. I can se the start box, where U thanks peoples. But when I press OK. The thing dissapering/exit.
On the bOOlsEyE:s, Unwarper I can start the unwarper, but when I press on the unwarp button, the program dissaper/exit.
I've try to the emulation, en press in Windows XP, and still there is a problem.
I've try to the emulation for Windows 98 and still there dissapering.
So it's somthing wrong with the programs, so it can't go for Windows XP Longhorn.
BUT! It also can be a bug in Windows XP Longhorn. Becuase it's plenty of bug there.
For example U can't download anything with Internet Explorer that is larger then 50kb, becuase if it is, U get a error message. Forbidden thing. So I most use getright.
But that's It's a hole other story.

But to be focus, try to see if there is any bug on the source code, that can eject/exit it self, for example in Longhorn. Maybe more and I have problems with a diffrent OS. :rolleyes:

krondike 05-02-2003 02:39

Some suggestion.
Now I've tested in Windows XP SP1.
Nice program. Hopfoly I can be a part to cange the appearens, becuase I've have a few requestions.

I've tested to look what protection Harry Potter 2 has. And it just saying SafeDisc version 2. Not more. Couldn't the program be more specific?

And if I want to look up for more, couldt U do a menu like.

So I can look the proctetion for more than one file. With out restart the program. and if I can't see a protection I can open a new file and don't start the program again. ;)

The menu could have things like these:
Open file

And the program could'nt see if the .exe was clean or not. So U can have like boolseye, when I try to unwarp a unwarped file. It's say like. It's was found a SafeDisc string, but how ever the file seams to be clean.....more one...

Just a request, could be cool if U do these for the next update. ;)

cdkiller 06-02-2003 06:00

upadate v0.5
* scanning for CD-Checks (really works ;)
* detects ASPack
* added some more protection informations

i will fix all known bugs till version 1.0
maybe i will add a GUI with menus and stuff later...
btw, good idea ;)

cdkiller 07-02-2003 00:00

new version v0.6
* finally the Safedisc version will be detected
(thanx to bOOls eYe for the code)
* Safedisc unwrapping hint
* many improvements to the CD-Check detection
(tested on 18 game executables ;)
* improved Starforce detection (Anstoss 4)
* removed WriteAcces when opening files (hint by bOOls eYe)

you should now be able to detect the Protection
of every game executable !!!

krondike 07-02-2003 01:24

U should need a mirror. Becuase the seams to be down. That's mean that your page is down.. :(
I'm only inform u ;)
Keep up the good work. I realy can recomend this program. I'm waithing for the 1.0 reales. :):):)

cdkiller 07-02-2003 03:29

my site isnīt down. i uploaded the files for 3 mins.
just sometimes itīs not available...
try again later ;)

i know about the cd-checks problem
- it scans for a software protection (sd, securom, starforce,vob)
- if no protection was found, it looks for
GetVolumeInformationA and GetDriveTypeA (cd-check apis)
- if nothing was found it looks only for GetDriveTypA
this can be in all apps like in ICQ.exe or Notepad.exe
- this can also be a string inDivX503Bundle.exe ;)

but i will boost it up.
iīm now looking scanning for strings like:
"Please insert the original cd"
"Disk not found"

next version supports safedisc 3
and a much better laserlock detection ;)

AND use it only on game executables and it will work fine !!!

krondike 07-02-2003 03:57

Cool! ;)
The members lycos. Has been un available for more than 17 ours.... hmm :(

cdkiller 08-02-2003 03:50

- detection for Safedisc V3 - cooming soon
-i mproved the Laserlock detection - thanx again bOOls eYe for the Warrior Kings v1.3 exe :p
- CD-Check scanning algorithm improved
- some tweaks to Safedisc Detection Code

@ krondike
iībe sent you the ProtectID 0.8 Beta 2
it contains many improvements to the CD-Check detection.
now it scans for more than 20 strings like:
- please insert original...
- disk not found...
- cannot locate cd...

cdkiller 09-02-2003 13:30

v1.0 Beta 1
- added 20 different CD-Check Strings to scan for (Game CD not in drive, please insert the original, disk not found, cannot locate cd-rom ...)
- detects possible CD-Checks (GetVolumeInformationA + GetDriveTypeA)
- Safedisc V1 detection
- Petite detection
- fixed MessageBox issues in CD-Check detection
- removed scanning for MessageBoxA, cause itīs nearly used in every Executabel

now it works with nearly executable :)

krondike 09-02-2003 14:14

Thank U realy thank U that U put in my name on the program and thanks me for my testen and everything!
Gud it is a hounor to be in the program. so glad.. wee.. :D
But I still have problems with Longhorn.
I've tested in XP it works great.
But I have problems with Longhorn.
I've haven't found any thing on the web that could help solve my problems. But I still hope with every new reales it works with longhorn.
I've only have problems with the open box.
The first message is appearing. But when the open box should come out, the program just exit. Like I've written before. :(
I've gonna test it in Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000, soon. But it works with XP. But haven't get the chans yet to test the BETA 0.8 version on a system that works. And not 1.0 BETA but the latest version shell I test so soon as I can. And I'v gonna testit hard. And I'm gonna write every singel problems that I'v got. :p. Just for U cdkiller just for U. Dam I am so happy.

cdkiller 09-02-2003 14:19

thanx for your testing help !
the fileopen dialog error it must be a bug in WinXP Longhorn :(

when you have any ideas what i can add just tell me,
maybe itīs in the next version.

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