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nxichau 20-07-2003 03:50

Comaptible CDR-W's
I am trying to flash the linux bios that came with the xecuter 2 lite and I can't seem to get it to read the ozxflash.iso boot CD!!! I heard the Xbox is very picky about what type of CD it will read. I burned all the images using 2x, nero (UDF), disk at once. I have tried Verbatim 650 MB CDR-W, memorex 700MB, Samsung CDR-W 650MB and Phillips CDR-W 650 MB. Can someone tell me what CD WILL work for the xbox, or if I am doing something wrong pleas let me know!!!

Quall999 20-07-2003 04:58

Did you get the one on xbins?

Try extracting the iso, then burning the files. The iso file on xbins can be opened in winzip and extracted, which I found very wierd. So, i suggest you extract it then burn.

Next I suggest putting a dummy file on the disk, or a folder containing random files to take up room.

Most CD-RW's should work, especially the ones you named off.

nxichau 20-07-2003 15:08

I haven't got the ozxflash.iso from xbins yet. I don't even know what xbins is. Sorry I'mnew to this. Does anyone have this file they can send to me?

Quall999 20-07-2003 15:33

oZxflash can be found on thier website here. Instructions on how to burn it can be found on the included nfo/readme file.

nxichau 20-07-2003 15:51

Is this the ozxflash.iso file I can extract?

nxichau 20-07-2003 15:54

Does it matter what type of dummy files I add to the cd?

n_wattam 21-07-2003 02:55

Nope, get any file around 50MB +, then just rename it to abc.dat,
the dump file is used to just pack the CD TRACK out a lil...

Becuase of the file's your burning to the CD are so small, it creates a very small track on the disk, which can make it harder for CDR/DVD drives to read it well..

Hope this helps

nxichau 21-07-2003 20:08

I tried to copy a dummy file larger than 50 MB but still no luck. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but this is killin me!!! Does anyone have a copy of a working ozxflash cd?? I'm willing to pay for one at this point. Unless someone has detailed instructions they would like to share!! (I'm using the newest version of nero to burn the file if that matters)

n_wattam 22-07-2003 01:57

very importants NOTE::::

are you using a CDR, CDRW, DVDR, DVDRW???

nxichau 22-07-2003 12:02

I've tried both CDR-W and CDR

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