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Epic Titan 69 22-02-2021 22:17

Need A Little Help
Can Any One Help Me With This Code......... :(


;Tile Caption|Exec Directory|Exec File|Shortcut Name/Action Name
AppExe1=ME|bin\|FarCryNewDawn.exe| FarCryNewDawn

What Should I Type Here

For A Game Having Its Main .Exe in root folder and not in any subfolder :confused:

For E.G. In Among Us Main .exe is in root folder
Among Us\Among Us.exe and the above code is valid if the directory of .exe is
Among Us\Bin\Among Us.exe

ffmla 23-02-2021 01:54

^^ you may try this.

AppExe1=ME||FarCryNewDawn.exe| FarCryNewDawn
Make empty the Exec Directory location.

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