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pakrat2k2 27-03-2011 14:13

the problem is there is 3 different multi5 versions. Unless you check which one you have, using the wrong version will result in errors. Even with the correct version, i tested the Multi5: (EN/DE/FR/ES/TR) Install Sequence: DVD1-DVD2 ( autorun3.rar ) It errors at the end, with wrong volume inserted on XPSP3. Probably just missing a folder/file, thats on Disc1, it needs to finish the install process. Havent tested on Win7X64 yet.

pakrat2k2 27-03-2011 15:23

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Originally Posted by laux927 (Post 393082)
is there any way to delete languages from multi9 version to make it a 2 dvd5? i only need spanish and english
although , when i install the game it doesnt ask me to choose language it automatically sets in on spanish. is there any way to change that?

Nope it chooses language based on Installed OS language.


Originally Posted by REV0 (Post 393125)
pakrat, can you try with the autorun.dat i gave?

maybe problem is autorun.dat, as you say there are 3 conversions and it is possible to mix all up


Also, someone should try in w7 os

Rev0, tried with your autorun.dat, Still same error as attached picture shows, at end of conversion. Tested on XP. I think it's looking for the autorun.exe, which isnt included on Disc2.

Will test on W7X64


Same error as above, there is a file / folder missing on Disc2 that is on Disc1 that its looking for. I copied over autorun.exe, so its NOT that file?!( XPSP3 )

MelVic 27-03-2011 23:08

REVO i tried you autorun.dat no luck i still got that wrong volume error, so what i did.

i created disc2 with all the crysis2 files edited the autorun.inf as per instructions and created the image, loaded disc1 into daemon tools started to install it asked for disc2
install continued as per normal until the wrong volume error, somewhere in the autorun.dat
tells it to ask for disc1, how do you view these dat file?

inceptionhell 28-03-2011 05:23

thnx multi5 works %100

pakrat2k2 28-03-2011 10:47

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Multi5: (EN/DE/FR/ES/TR) ONLY !!!!! No error at end

ALL embedded MST files have been corrected. Now no error at end of install about wrong disk.

Works now on XPSP3.

senseman 28-03-2011 11:51

i added pakrat's dat. fix to first post, if aynone had problems with autorun.dat, use pakrat's

thanks pakrat

asi_we_mawi 29-03-2011 07:15

Works perfect with Win XP SP3 x86

mroussev 29-03-2011 14:40

I am so stupid....I find my mistake.I labeled discs disk1/disk2 with K instead of disc1.Thats why setup cannot find second dvd.WIth "C" there is no problem.

About 1.2gb can be saved from disc2 by replasing unnesesary language .pak with empty ones and put them again in localized foldes.Of course one must remain original and game mstu be installed with it(in my case game is english only now).

pakrat2k2 30-03-2011 16:17


Originally Posted by Ch3vr0n (Post 393210)
Thx for the conversion post, i'll definitely be trying it out for the Ltd. Edition. I've got a tiny question though. Do the disc labels have to be "Disc1", "Disc2" and "Disc3", or can i have my own but with sequential names such as "Crysis 2 Ltd. Ed. D1", "Crysis 3 Ltd. Ed. D2" and "... D3" ?

I assume that the autorun1,2 and 3 are the respective autoruns for disc 1, 2 and 3. However you say extract and overwrite multi9 autorun.dat to disc one. Wich one do i need to have on the first disc then. The file from autorun1.rar or the one from Multi9 autorun.dat.rar ?

Your getting thins mixed up a bit.. You ONLY d/l the autorun.dat archive for the version you have. It goes on disc1 and replaces the original one, you dont need any for the next disks.

Your DVD labels inside the iso MUST be what the conversion says they need to be. BUT you can save the ISO itself with whatever you want.

pakrat2k2 31-03-2011 09:04


Originally Posted by Ch3vr0n (Post 393218)
@pakrat: i got the limited edition. Thats why i'm a bit confused. It has 3 autorun files at the bottom of the post (the last version of the original post) plus another multi9 autorun.dat.rar That's why i'm confused. About the labels, if i understand you correctly the labels that windows will see have to be Disc1, Disc2 and Disc3 ?

ok.. the conversions listed on page 1, each has the archive you need to d/l listed within the conversion. There are 4 conversions within the first post. The forum puts ALL the links from ALL the conversions at the bottom of the post. You have the LIMITED Edition, so ONLY grab Multi9 autorun.dat.rar archive, you need nothing else.

Yes your DVD labels must be Disc1, Disc2, Disc3. Any other questions or still confused reply back :)

Ch3vr0n 31-03-2011 10:10

Got it to work. Thx pakrat :)

balola 31-03-2011 14:30

Multi5: (EN/DE/FR/ES/TR) don't forget to move the crack to disc2 :) or get wrong volume

pakrat2k2 31-03-2011 23:07


Originally Posted by napalmguy (Post 393237)
Multi5 (EN/CZ/IT/PL/RU), Install sequence DVD01-DVD02
Windows 7 64bit

Wrong Volume Error!! :( :(

Volume names are Disk1 & Disk2

peterf1999 01-04-2011 01:48

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All newbies here?:eek::D
To avoid the error on install sequence DVD1-DVD2 you need a custom EAsetup launcher:

Attachment 2312

Attachment 2313

(builded with Inno Setup)

01 Vlatce 01-04-2011 06:34


Originally Posted by journey_lights (Post 393111)
Multi5: (EN/DE/FR/ES/TR) Install Sequence: DVD1-DVD2
i convert this but when im going to install its still saynd to insert disc 2
and 3 times i tried to make dvds
im getting :(
DVD1 => 4,38 gb
DVD2 => 3,28 gb

I had the same problem, Multi5: (EN/CZ/IT/PL/RU). But i labelled second .iso like Crysis2_Disc2, and exactly that was the problem. It must be labelled only Disc2. Now i have no problem, Windows 7 x64. And i reduced about 1.3Gb by deleting polish.pak, russian.pak, italian.pak and czech.pak from Disc2.

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