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princerouge 13-12-2011 06:45

Live check.
Anybody know what bytes string to look for to disable that microsoft live for game thing check. I saw it somewhere but can't find it anymore. Kinda gay that live thing if you want my opinion.

TippeX 13-12-2011 08:46

the byte pattern (for training) ?

STN 14-12-2011 10:41


Joe Forster/STA 14-12-2011 11:13

Nice. Well done, Psych!

STN 14-12-2011 22:23

Just fyi, it doesn't completely disables xlive, but just patches the xlive memory checks so you can make edits to the game without crashes, so it is used mainly in trainers. You still can't debug the game with this alone.

But it is very handy indeed, you still need it to make edits to game code with a trainer.

princerouge 18-12-2011 14:18

Indeed, that should be usefull. Disabling live anyway would prevent saving game and such. Thanks.

TippeX 18-12-2011 17:13

err, i get the feeling you dont know what you are asking for..

perhaps you are looking for xliveless?

princerouge 20-12-2011 16:47

Is xliveless was only for GTA 4? That would be cool though to have a xlive emulations for game that use xlive (game live for windows or whatever shit it's call) without the craps. But for now, patching the memory check is not a bad idea.

TippeX 20-12-2011 20:01

the memory checks are only if code is altered, ie: exe altered (trainer)
info is taken from the cat file... its not what you need i think

whats the problem in making an offline gfwl account and using that?

if the game uses xlive.dll gfwl is a lot more integrated than just patching out the dll... it goes a hell of a lot deeper, and some of gfwl's capabilities are rarely used due to their counterparts not being available on xbox so devs rarely use them (eg: protected memory areas)

what exactly is it that you are trying to do / achieve?

Joe Forster/STA 21-12-2011 06:29

TippeX, if you could tell us a bit more about this integration, I'd really be interested in it. It's very stupid to create a whole framework of all kinds of shit when part of its main functionality is concentrated at one place in the code so a single patch can ruin it at once. (Good for hackers/crackers, though... ;))

dr.olle 27-12-2011 10:37

Load XLive Patcher for CheatEngine from (at Downloads)
Patch all versions Xlive. Instructions in the NFO for Xlive Games.;)

TippeX 27-12-2011 20:47

@joe. . cant really go into too much detail but theres quite a few functions that gfwl has that are not used (because they arent available on console and a lot of games are ported so the devs dont care for the extras in most cases).. overall for the devs its a quick and easy platform for distribution, patches, 0day 'protection' and qa testing (at a cost) by microsoft and thats the appeal

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