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elit 13-01-2018 15:07

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LZ_Scan is a small scripted utility that consist of several tools and is primarily based on Razor's ztool. It is a reliable alternative to GFS(Game File Scan). Output size difference in this tool will be exactly what you get when using ztool on game data with same settings. It is also more stable than GFS with much less freezes. I posted it once somewhere, now I decided to update script and post it in its own thread. Supported formats are same as ztool: zlib/deflate, lz4, lzo and zstd.

Run .bat file, type one of the available lz formats(and its settings if needed), select file or directory to scan, wait for finish, compare size differences. Thats it.

Remember you can use file masks to scan only specific files, eg: "C:\gamefolder\*.pak"

New updated version 1.2 released. Include uelr(Unreal decmp tool) and AFR(Anvil forge decmp tool). These however write temporarily to disk within lz_scan directory(therefore consider where to place it). AFR only need input file as output is written into NULL, because it display all necessary info on its own. Uelr need both input and output tmp file for lz_scan to be able to measure size differences. Temp files are automatically deleted. Script was also further improved for more unified and seamless usage.

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elit 16-01-2018 14:34

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Replace start.bat with this one, its better.

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elit 17-01-2018 12:28

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You start with "start.bat". Then:
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- First you type one of the available methods, like I did "pzlib:high" for this game file as example.
- Then path to file or directory as shown(use quotes for paths with spaces, also tab completition works just like in shell here so you dont have to type everything).
- Then you wait and when done you compare 2 size differences as shown in picture example. If second number is bigger it mean inflation worked for this. If same or too close you either got wrong method, game is not compressed or is not supported by ztool.
- You can also see overall time it took in seconds as below.
- Finally you can start all over again or quit.

ZakirAhmad 12-02-2018 01:12

Can we mofify it for afr, uelr etc.

elit 14-02-2018 06:14


Originally Posted by ZakirAhmad (Post 466613)
Can we mofify it for afr, uelr etc.

I want to include them as well, when I have more time - in next version. This will also make it more universal not just for ztool.

ZakirAhmad 14-02-2018 08:41


Originally Posted by elit (Post 466668)
I want to include them as well, when I have more time - in next version. This will also make it more universal not just for ztool.

this would be great step.

elit 14-02-2018 18:28

Unfortunately I found that neither uelr nor afr support stdio/pipelining, which without further coding is impossible to implement AFAIK.
EDIT: I am working on it already, it will be done but will use disk writes.

elit 15-02-2018 10:32

New version released. Include uelr, AFR and script enhancements. Don't say I never loved you ;).

ZakirAhmad 15-02-2018 18:57

Good job bro.

elit 19-02-2018 14:07

Fixed non recursing subdirectories on mask. New file upped.
EDIT: There is still problem with parsing, will update soon.
EDIT2: Done. Hopefully now for good.
EDIT3: Turned out 7z already have cleaner solution with -r0 option. Upped again.

KaktoR 16-03-2018 05:33

It would be good if you could add output.txt which lists all files contain streams.

elit 17-03-2018 08:40


Originally Posted by KaktoR (Post 469079)
It would be good if you could add output.txt which lists all files contain streams.

You dont need this tool for that, you can simply "for /r %i in ("*.*") do (ztool ... "%i" 1>> file.log) or something like that

To know which file have stream individually I would have to process them one by one and compare output. That would be too much for a simple shell script that use tar to process all in one stream. Also slower.

You can use file mask to check files with specific extension only, or check single file as that mean all others with same extension will be processable.

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