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Silver Phoenix 30-07-2008 20:13

Incorrect mp3 track length

I have several mp3 files that have somehow been corrupted and now have incorrect duration. Windows Media Player plays them past the end of the track and other players skip parts to catch up creating chopped "fast forward" effect.

Is there any way to repair those files? (Those are unique files so replacement is impossible)

Thank you for your help.

Joe Forster/STA 30-07-2008 23:16

I'm currently working on a small program that displays basic data about all kinds of audio files so I now have pretty good knowledge about the structure of MP3 files, too. If you send me one of these files (put it up to some free web space provider) then I can use it as a sample to test my software as well as cut out the damaged parts manually (or, perhaps, add such functionality to the software) for you. If you like the result, we can continue with the others.

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