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DABhand 24-06-2005 07:51

For people wanting MP trainers
Its gay and lame.

Not only are you going to ruin someones fun online your seriously killing your own skill.

And you will be branded a twat.

So not worth it.

Most (not all) users who cheat online never paid for anything in the first place. And they should be hung by the balls :P

Moral of story: Dont ask for MP cheats,hacks or trainers :)

DABhand 20-08-2005 17:58

Even worse, you could be forever named


Luciel 20-08-2005 18:36

ha, there was this article in last months uk pcgamer about lerroooooys :P

Oblivion 20-02-2006 21:19

STOOPID MP CHEATERS!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

pfmpfm2000 28-10-2007 05:34

what's MP and who's MP cheater ?

kosmiq 28-10-2007 05:43

MP = MultiPlayer

MP cheater = anyone cheating in MP.

RaWr-MaD 31-10-2007 00:52

Actually, When I play over lan with a friend of mine...for example COH
I would love to have a trainer...we both would love it, so we can have more FUN.

That's where trainers are ment for..FUN.
And yes, I hate it when people use them to cheat.

It's a difference...using a trainer in a lan for fun or on the IE and ruining other's game experience.

DABhand 31-10-2007 08:51

Or stealing other peoples work.

TippeX 31-10-2007 09:16

or uploading their non public trainers ;p

DABhand 31-10-2007 09:20

Same thing no?


Well either Rawrrrrwwrwrwrrrr (which I think is wookie for owned) is perm banned from CH or a mate is, if a mate lets hope he aint 7 ft tall with muscles on muscles. lol

ask8275 10-12-2008 23:17

ban the MP cheaters !
they spoil the fun of the games

Joe Forster/STA 04-02-2010 09:10

See the top of the thread for a poll. Please, check exactly one from each of the three groups of possible options, grouped by leading comments in parentheses. Results will be collected in a few weeks - say, the end of Feb 2010.

JoyBoy 04-02-2010 18:11

Ban everyone! Then go watch the No. 1 movie in the world!

Cowsheep 05-02-2010 10:05

For having fun, you need good stats, having 3:25 kill / death is boring. Many people cant (or want) to spend 30 or more hours per week for a game in order to gain a skill that ensures success.
Public hacks are deteced very soon after release and player will be banned by vac, pb or whatever. If you want a proof hack, you have to pay a lot. There is done much fraud with that.
So i prefer SP, i can cheat here without fears for free.

TippeX 05-02-2010 15:38

has anyone actually looked at the poll? because the current results look VERY suspicious to me

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