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tomtok 12-05-2014 00:56

Sims 3 - No CD-Patch
Hello, as a Newbie I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I hope so.
I've just bought "Sims 3" as a Starterpack with "Late Night" and "Luxus Accessoires". After I have installed everything (including the latest patches Origin offered) I have now the version

When I start the game I need the Late-Night-CD. Now I want to make the game work without the disc. In Gamecopyworld I found several files, but they do not work. Maybe it's because the latest version I could find is 1.66.2 ???

How long does it usually take till updates appear at GCW? Does anyone have any hints how I can make the game work without disc? Do I only have to patch the Late Night-version, the Basic Game or both? Thanks for your help!

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