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dkjsafbjk 25-07-2002 16:41

format hd, stopped 1:1's working
i have windows xp, i recently stuffed up my computer, and i had to format the hard drive. then i reinstalled xp, and none of my 1:1 copied games worked, why?

GaulHahn 26-07-2002 06:42

More info would be good!!!! However have you installed CloneCD yet with Hide CD Media ticked to fix some issues with SecureRom protection (assuming you actually used it)? Unless you have every game you own using this protection at least some of your games should work. Is your CD/DVD/Burner (like I said more info) actually functioning properly? Have you tweaked any CDFS reg settings? Seriously!! more info if you even expect a reply.

dkjsafbjk 26-07-2002 18:29

ok, i originally used clonecd to make 1:1 copies, and they worked.
not only do the securom protected games don't work, but safedisc games dont work either. I have a teac CD-W58E.

MatyN 26-07-2002 18:31

i presume he means : what other software/upgrades had you installed that may contain extra drivers/files that may have changed things, have you changed the drive to not read the CD's as CD-r's ??? as posted in many other replyies to many other threads :)

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