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COMYYY 29-10-2011 02:46

Cabal 2


Cabal 2 will not only feature up-to-date graphics and better combat system, but will also enhance the storytelling part as the developer is making different scenarios for the 6 classes in Cabal 2. Head over to the English Cabal 2 site and you can learn the backstory and get more information of the 6 classes.

Cabal 2's closed beta phase 1 will start in Korea from November 3 to November 5. If you know Korean, you can get the firsthand experience on the game.

Collin045 04-04-2015 05:08

Hi all guys,the last pacht for this game is 1.4.1,when you try to play online you canīt play beacuse you need the last update,i have the game in 1.4 and i want play via hamachi whit my friends, the question is,its possible?.


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