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TippeX 13-06-2008 10:34

OneProcessorLaunch Tool.....
Hi All,

here's a new tool for you that might help when running old, problematic games on a dual (or more) processor machine...

examples of such games are : Thief, Thief2, Thief3 (i think), System Shock 2, Dungeon Keeper 2 and so on...

documentation is included... as well as a 64bit and 32bit executable (for those purists out there)...

its relatively straightforward, and i just developed it for myself (and my brother) who like old games, but unfortunately the old games don't like multiprocessor pc's :)

feedback, ideas, bug reports and so on are welcome...

oh and for those paranoid people - the executables were scanned using virus total and it found nothing...
i also assure you the program is not trojaned, virused, or malwared... its a simple launcher...
feel free to scan for yourselves obviously... and i also only warrant the 'no virus/trojans/malware' for this program ONLY if its downloaded from the above url.. if you download from any other place hosting it.. its your problem...

Psykomanius 14-06-2008 06:01

Nice one ;)

BarryB 14-06-2008 09:15

As TippeX is a moderator as well, that should be enough to satisy anyone that all his files are CLEAN and not Trojans/Virii! We don't just let any numpty loose on the forums ya know ;)

Grumpy 14-06-2008 09:53

Yes very nice Tipp. ;)

Blazkowicz 15-06-2008 09:59

Feature request:
Context menu (run with OneProecessorLaunch).

TippeX 15-06-2008 10:09

gui i dont think is needed, perhaps a wizard tool to make the shortcuts etc would do the job?... context menu is a nice idea though, problem with that is setting the working directory for the program...

Blazkowicz 15-06-2008 10:10

Such a wizard should be also enough.

silhouette 15-06-2008 10:12

Thx alot TippeX! Now I can probably run Blade Runner again without hitches. :)

Blazkowicz 15-06-2008 10:33

Or maybe:

Right click on game exe -> send to -> OneProcessorLaunch

silhouette 17-06-2008 02:55

Hmmm, can't get it to work on windows xp 32bit, I have tried everything I could think of.

Ps. I'm not a newbie with .bat files and command prompt.

DABhand 17-06-2008 03:14

A game shortcut properties should be good enough to use.

Just tell it to load up OPT with flags to load the game also. *shrugs*

I havent tried it yet myself, but hopefully that idea will work with most people :P

silhouette 17-06-2008 07:53

Hmm, Well I agree that it does seem simple, but I simply can't get it to work, I have tried several times now, and all I get is an error message.

TippeX 17-06-2008 08:20

and the error message is?

there's only 1 messagebox block of code in there, stating if you have one processor using the tool is useless...

if you got that message, then its pretty rudimentary.... you only have one processor, so using a tool designed for multi (2 or more) processor systems is pointless...

saulob 01-07-2008 16:27

I got that multiprocessor bug on the old unreal engine games, like Postal 2.

Going to try your tool, thanks :)

TippeX 02-07-2008 00:00

oh yep, postal 2 is definately one that has the problem, forgot about that, i used it on the apocalypse weekend, worked fine, hope it does the trick for you...

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