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erwindebie 18-11-2001 03:29

How to ''unsecurom'' ??
I want to make a fixed .exe from a *new* securom protected disc, the game is called New York Race and has just like i said the *new* securom.

I was wondering how i can make a fixed .exe just like you can do with safedisc.

I tried to unsecurom the game with unsecurom (version 1) but he recognise that it's protected with securom but if i click on dump/rebuild the program freezes, i let my comp running and when i got back it was stil frozen so i restarted my pc.
When i got back it was 5 hours later but i don't think it need so much time just to unsecurom.

Can neone help me please ?

XICO2KX 09-12-2001 02:18

"UnSecurom 1.0" only works with the first version of Securom... =/
So, it can't unpack the executable of recent games like NYR... =(

The only alternative the I currently know of is for you to try to dump/unpack the Securom protected executable using ProcDump32's "Securom Brahma client unwrapper v1.01" plug-in! =)
Read my other recent message on the forum for more info about this: ####:// 9

But it didn't work for me, though... =(
I'm not sure why... =/
But you might get luckier! ;)

crispy 12-12-2001 04:14

The Bhrama client and ProcDump32 won't give you a working unwrapped app with securom ver2.

Not gonna go into detail, but ver1 and 2 and very different in the way they hide their Import Tables etc.
You'll get a dump, but you'll struggle to recreate the import table to get a working loader.

But, get yourself a subchannel compliant burner, and securom2 is useless.

XICO2KX 19-12-2001 19:19

I can run the game with no problems using DaemonTools...
But I needed to unpack the main executable to be able to make a "No-CD" crack!

Do you know any other tool that can unpack/unwrap the Securom protected executable?
Or do you know any other place where I can find more info on how to do this?

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