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EliasTD5 08-05-2020 03:29

Burn games to DVD and BluRay
I have a problem since 5 days. I want to burn repacks from FitGirl into DVDs and BluRays. I just can burn games like 7,5G, 3,6G or 23G, because they have the perfect size for disks. But I cant burn games like 9G (because I dont want to use a 25G BluRay, instead I want use a 8,5G DVD) and I cant burn 26G games. Now my question:
Is it possible to split FitGirl setups into 2 different? I mean, that the first DVD, after his part of setup, is searching for the next part of setup? I tried it myself (unpacking her setup.exe, etc.), but I cant do this😕
Hopefully someone can help me:)

GTX590 08-05-2020 05:17

No Warez talk allowed in FileForum!!!!
I suggest you to go to the INDEX page and pick a conversion that will allow you to split any game you want.

EliasTD5 08-05-2020 06:47

Oh, okay, sorry :( But how can this help me? When I compress games its just getting bigger (than Fitgirls) :/

KaktoR 08-05-2020 07:32

Simple answer: you can't. At least in no meaningful way. Make sfx archive with 7z/rar and extract from disk to drive, then install repack.

Grumpy 08-05-2020 07:56

Thread Closed, we dont support Warez Users!

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