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mwitters 09-05-2004 01:51

how to make C&C Generals 1.07 & Zero Hour 1.02 work online and SP without the cd's.
First install the game Then download the patch directly from ea and manually install it.

here's the link for the patch, you want the 1.07 patch.

then once it's dl'ed, install the patch. once that's done dl this file by bongstar here on gamecopyworld, just type in generals in the search bar and it will bring up a list of games and click on c&c generals, it will bring up another list with this file in it, dl it.

C&C: Generals v1.06 MP [ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE

once you dled it just unzip it and replace your old generals.exe with this new one. there, thats it. I didn't change the game.dat file or anything, it opens w/o a cd and lets you play online.

now, this will only let you play online. it will not let you play single player. if you want to play single player you must dl the 1.7 (should be 1.07 but they made a mistake) crack and replace the original game.dat file with the cracked one and use the generals 1.06 crack i just told you about to replace the generals.exe, apparently the 1.7 generals.exe that came with the 1.7 crack is not working from what others have said so just use the 1.06 one, it works perfect. but if you do that you cannot play online, the game says you have a different version when you try to play online. so you can either play online with the original game.dat and cracked 1.06 generals.exe. or or play single player with the cracked 1.7 game.dat and the 1.06 generals.exe. have fun! Now on to zero hour. :D

Ok, with zero hour its exactly the same, just different cracks. Now, dl the 1.02 patch from the same link as the 1.07 generals patch above and manually patch the game, then go to this link and download "Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour v1.01 ENG"

now, the only file you want from this crack is the generals.exe, simply replace the generals.exe (in your Zero Hour folder, not the generals.exe in your generals folder!) with the 1.01 cracked cracked generals.exe and your ready to play online without a cd!

now, to play single player, for single player you need to go to and search for generals zero hour and download "C&C: Generals: Zero Hour v1.02 [ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE #1". replace the game.dat and generals.exe files in your generals zero hour folder with the cracked ones you just downloaded and you can play single player. but remember, if you want to play online you have to have the original game.dat in your zero hour folder so don't throw it away, you'll be using the original game.dat to play online for both games! so save each one in a seperate folder so you know which one is for generals and which one is for Zero Hour!!! have fun! I hope this puts and end to this one. untill the next patch comes out. :)

I hope this was usefull to some of you. See ya!

-----v that used to be a pimped out system :mad:

alvino007 23-08-2007 13:32

I can't find the downloading link for this:

C&C: Generals v1.06 MP [ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE

Can you please post a link? I really want to play online!

TippeX 23-08-2007 15:41

well done, you revived a 3 year old thread...

Nightmare 23-08-2007 16:53

Haha, and the topic creator is even banned :D


alvino007 23-08-2007 18:51

Oops, my bad...

p.s. Oh well, I just boought the real game :D

Pascal 16-04-2008 10:43

is there any crack for Verison 1.08?

I even canīt get Version 1.07 to run with the nocd-crack (game.dat).


ERASER_M 16-04-2008 13:33

yes, use the Crack 1.08 which is in "First Decade" crack package

C&C: The First Decade [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed EXE


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