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Monty Burns 17-01-2006 09:42

Hi there,

I know, it is almost a dumb question but anyway.

Does tunebite "delete" all user information in a drm protected file, when recording it to mp3 ?
Surely, it is an analog recording, so tunebite should not know anything about the user, but it also restores id3 tags from the file, so why not the crypted user info within the drm file ?

Monty Burns 28-01-2006 04:33

Anyone ?

Eagle 28-01-2006 05:54

MP3 files have no such DRM-crap included :)

Neipas02 28-01-2006 21:26

That was simple and sweet eagle.. Have to give you, your dues on that one. One the flipside though.. what if someone wanted to maintain the original format like.. WMA - WMA. I thought about it myself after reading that post.. If it does transfer the tag data like it obviously does it could transfer other info. The main goal of the program is to remove the drm addition so I would hope at least the creators of Tunebite wouldn't go out of their way to keep anything like that in the mix.. And just the fact that the final product is drm free would suggest that any piece of it would be gone.. Are the file sizes of the 2 identical? (the protected and uprotected) This is a good question indeed.

Monty Burns 30-01-2006 03:59

Allthough I used a Hex-Editor to have a look at the files, I could not find any reference to any user info, BUT there might be some crypted stuff in there, which shall not be catched by any prying eye :)

justaguest 27-03-2006 08:10

The latest version of Tunebite does this conversion fully digital, just to clear things up.
What it does, is basicly re-recording what your soundcard is playing, so no DRM information is left in the resulting file. So you can safely use it to remove that protection and nobody will ever know it was protected :)

Evil.Elf 23-05-2006 03:53

But I didn't like it - it's slow...

redhatblueeyes 12-07-2007 04:13

Great tool
So I can remove the protection from songs that i bought from iTunes and no one will ever know they were protected? :confused: Tunebite sounds really to check it out!

SooNew 12-07-2007 05:13

No way?Really? Oh...
:eek: Duh! Of course you can!!!:D Where have you been living?! Everybody uses a software or some tool for this purpose..It seem that this Tunebite thing is becoming more and more popular :rolleyes:

jeremiah55 20-07-2007 01:09

Yeah, Tunebite it is becoming more popular and it also converts video files... and it is very reliable, I used it too for a few years, than switched to another tool loke this, just for a change, but came back to Tunebite when they released the version that is able to convert video, it also has other functions included, like cd burning; helps a lot not not to have to use many tools, but to have everything included just in one.

hakz 22-07-2007 09:10

i used tunebite, but kept getting small gaps in each track

redhatblueeyes 31-07-2007 01:36

Can the latest version of Tunebite convert videos and has also a cd burning function? So how do I get Tunebite? Is it expensive? :confused:

Muji-FightR 31-07-2007 04:27

You can find all the needed information here ;) (Is it too hard to use google or guess URLs ?)
Take the premium edition if you don't need support for protected video files.
Otherwise take platinum.
They both support burning audio CDs though...

fifiward 08-08-2007 02:27

another program, NoteBurner, can also do this

i like the interface of NoteBurner better

it is easier to use than TuneBite.

redhatblueeyes 28-08-2007 02:52

So I bought Tunebite Platinum, have to say it converts my files perfectly. Still I havenít figured out whether I can or canít convert my video files into audio files? Does anyone know? Thanks

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