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vasu001 15-08-2013 00:22

PC not starting with Graphics card Plugged in?....
As the tile says,that's the problem.
As soon as I plug it out,it starts with no problem,but as soon as I plug it in the socket,it just gets off as soon as it starts....

My graphics card is Nvidia 640 GT DDR3 2GB.It worked flawlessly for 4 months,bout yesterday I my monitor screen became yellow,till the point the pc shut off automatically?...

I have 450 watt psu....

Any imediate help will be appreciated......:confused:

Joe Forster/STA 15-09-2013 03:53

You should experiment: try the video card in another PC; try another video card in this PC; if there are beep codes, look them up in the POST beep code list; buy a so called "POST diagnostic card" etc.

THADEADMAN2011 23-09-2013 14:23

which port are u using i myself have a 550 ti and it is picky about ports i use the hdmi for my tv also i never use less than a 550 watts psu as i run other hardware an the card will use the extra as i think the min is 450 watt anyhow as joe said try it in another pc also use a different port and try i different monitor or tv depending what u have also if u can try another psu higer in wattage hope that helps if need more jus ask

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