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harshlohaan 21-07-2017 11:49

Problem in decompression of pzlib based archive!
I used Mini Compressor by Carldric Clement (cause I couldn't find any other gui compressor that supports pzlib compression) to compress my game data with pzlib best compression method available in the program. I got a good compression. Previously I was using Razor12911's gui compressor and most of the time I used precomp+srep+lzma and srep64+lzma for faster compression. I compressed a number of games with it and they just installed fine with WPI.

But the one I created with pzlib just doesn't install with WPI no matter what. It says unarc.dll returned an error code- 11, decompression fails. I searched the forum. Found in some thread that it is due to incompatible arc.exe and unarc.dll.

As I used Carldric's compressor, so I copied the files he provided in ISDone Support folder. Though arc.exe wasn't there so I copied that from 'bin' folder (where compression files are present I reckon) in his compressor.

What else I gotta do? I'm using the same files from the same compressor for decompression that were probably used for compression. I've compiled and tested the Setup.exe with the archive more than hundred times for now and the same f**cking error!

Now I've tried posting my query in WPI thread as well as Carldric's Mini Compressor thread. But no goddamn support! I mean why you guys don't help? I don't think its a lot I'm asking here for. Any of you can provide me with the Resource files that actually decompress the archive created with that mini compressor and just seal the deal. I attached my script too in case it has one or two buggy lines. I'm no coder, no expert in all this, I'm noob.. I don't feel any shame in accepting that, but I'm taking interest in repacking and getting the idea which is enough I guess. And I'm asking for help, that's actually what this forum is for. I want to repack just for myself to keep my uncompressed games collection.
I hoped at least people in this forum who belong to my country will help me, sadly they don't give a damn either.

felice2011 21-07-2017 12:16


Originally Posted by harshlohaan (Post 460928)
(cause I couldn't find any other gui compressor that supports pzlib compression)


EzzEldin16 21-07-2017 15:21

first of all there alot ALOT of compressors around here + releasing mine soon
second why don't you try using pzlib cls the one razor made it's working good
third scan the game for any possible data streams (Zlib - ZSTD - Deflate - Lzo..etc)

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