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harshlohaan 15-06-2017 22:30

[Help] Runtime Error on uninstallation!
I created a repack with WPI. It installed well but when I try to keeps giving Runtime Error at(313:845): Could not call proc
How can I fix this? A repack is useless if it can't be uninstalled properly.

Razor12911 26-06-2017 06:25

Well the original script does not have this problem, meaning there is something you must have done to cause this.

78372 26-06-2017 06:26

Actually I don't think the original script doesn't have this problem. I had this problem with WPI update2

Chayan Manna 01-07-2017 02:33

This Problem was not there till the update 1. But After update 2 & 3 it appears.
The thing is that there is no "botva2.dll", "Dark.png" or "Light.png" & "Setup1.jpg" in the "Uninstall" folder. So when installer uninstalls it can't call the functions of botva2.dll & also can't use the resources like "Dark.png", "Setup1.jpg" and gives run-time error.

So the Solve is, you must add those files such as they copy automatically in "Uninstall" folder at end of installation.

Add these 4 lines in "Files" section of the script:
Source: Resources\botva2.dll; DestDir: {app}\Uninstall; Attribs: hidden system;
Source: Resources\Dark.png; DestDir: {app}\Uninstall; Attribs: hidden system;
Source: Resources\Light.png; DestDir: {app}\Uninstall; Attribs: hidden system;
Source: Graphics\Images\Setup1.jpg; DestDir: {app}\Uninstall; Attribs: hidden system;

You can get help from the update1 script.:)

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