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synchro_w 22-10-2005 06:47

Anti blaxx killed my dvd and slowed my bootup time
my dvd drive has just gone. i cannot detect it in any way. this ocvcurred after i installed anti blaxx [which i found out was useless anyway and SR7 seemed to work much better!!!].
also, my computer boot time was always around 23 seconds... now it is about 2 minutes. there is a period before the black windows screen with the blue activity bar when my screen goes black and it looks as if my pc has died. this last about minute and a half, then pc goes thru normal boot up procedure.
i am guessing anti blaxx is some kind of flawed software that destroys or certainly damages vital areas of data.
i would suggest that it be avoided.
my big problem now is how do i back up all my images and other important files when i dont have a dvd burner [i cannot even open the dvd tray when windows is running!!!!]
i installed anti blaxx1.17. never ever again.

any advice would be muchly appreciated


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