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STB13 17-02-2018 06:10

Inno Code Generator and Component Designer
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Hey guys me again.
This time I'm Reloaded with a very usefull tool for inno users. I gave it name ** Inno Code Generator (ICG) ** well if i find other good name, i will change it.
Q: What it does?
A: Well, it's still incomplete, but does some job for the easy designing of components to be used with inno setup script and also generates code for that component too.

Still it has only 9 components, but I will add all the necessary components ASAP.
Please let me know, which components should I add
and which components should I remove.

In the future releases I am adding DLL function, like botva,isdone and so on, with a very easy-to-use interface.
It is the alpha test, so it usually contain bugs, please report them on the thread,
which will help to fix them, and to release Version 1.0.
For any help, Please let me know.
Thank you for reading and Testing components are listed below.
1. Bevel
2. Bitmap
3. Button
4. CheckBox
5. Combobox
6. Edit
7. Label
8. Panel
9. RadioButton
And soon there will be more...

Siber Pro 20-02-2018 14:00

But do it import slideshow or video????

STB13 22-02-2018 07:09


Originally Posted by Siber Pro (Post 468218)
But do it import slideshow or video????

It is under development, I will add Video and slide show option in the version 1.0.

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