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stillcool 30-10-2005 09:05

How Do I Merge Subtitle Files Into Films So I Can Burn Them Onto DVD
Does anyone know how I can merge subtitle files (.SRT) into AVI files so I can burn them as DVDs ?

I CAN already make a DVD out of a AVI.

bigphil292 27-05-2008 05:46

(prism video converter)
really simple, download (prism video converter) and install its free.
open the program and press on folder,this folder must have your avi film and srt.file in it and then press simple even i could do it.once its done your subtitles are burned into the film.
but when you press convert your srt file wont be recognised ignore this and let it run until its finished.hey presto 1 film with subs.

Grumpy 28-05-2008 09:55

Thanks Phil but did you happen to notice the date on the original posters post?
You answered his question after just over 2 1/2 years. ;)

bigphil292 28-05-2008 14:17

yeah i noticed after i posted,doh.never mind.cheers dude.

Luciel 26-06-2008 04:29

I remember that guy i think i repplied to him somewhere else telling him to use virtualdub, even thought your method sounds simplier phil :P

Grumpy 26-06-2008 12:05

Actually the easiest way is to use the latest version of WinAvi.
Basically its the same instructions as Phil posted, movie file and sub or srt file goes in the same folder, with the same names. (IE: Movie.avi + Movie.sub or
Then just convert the avi to DVD format. ;)

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