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mlyphout 24-10-2000 14:30

I need help
I am not the brightest star in the sky but none the less I am trying to get my CD-R backup copy of Age of Empires II to work. I burned a backup up and then setup the game on my computer, however it is apparently safeguarded and I can not run it as a CD-ROM. From what I have gathered from this site I need to use unsafedisc 1.5.5 to unguard it. I downloaded it then unzipped it using CCZip but when I tried to decrypt the CD-R it said cannot find dplayerx.dll. I am very confused and don't know what I am supposed to do. Since I have never done this before I need walkthrough instructions if possible. One more bit of knowledge when I used unsafe the file in the game I tried to decrypt was empires2.icd. Thank you for any help you give.

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