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RaZorBakk 13-01-2003 23:41

Rebuilding cdx gameshark discs with codes in it
Ok heres my prob as of a while now ive ripped apart my old isos and started changing things . for instance jedi power battles and T.hawks pro skater 2 you can edit the textures and change the what models look like and music changing sound effect changing all that crap . ive also dumped the smaller utilities discs to mini cdrs .

my most annoying problem is the Cdx gameshark . doesnt matter which as they are all small and only contain a 1st read bin .
see i hate storing gameshark codes in my vmus . for 1 the vmu crashes or i end up needing space or what not . . if can save to data sheet thats fine .
but what im getting at is i;d like to stuff files into the cdrom along with the 1stread bin . a text or data file with all the gameshark codes i can find in it so that it can just load them off the cd save to sheet and play . at first i thought . ok well it has a crapload of codes in it ill just find the file and add to it . but not such luck or file . . all the gameshark codes are hard coded into the binfile . . so i cant add or change shit .

so . to change the usual gameshark topics . can anyone help me with this . . if so . please go ahead . but remember there is only one file in the entire cd . a 1.5 meg bin . . i had thought of downloading gameshark code loaded saves but for once i couldnt find any . and i doubt it would read them off the cd .
also anyone know how to fix the rgb problem with sfalpha3 i dont have the original kal non boot files . i nabbed some godforsaken ip.binless nrg file . so i ripped and through it together and it works fine . but i need it to load without the vga prob . as i cannot run it on our scart or arcade hookup .

anyhelp would be appreciated . also if there is a fix for the crappy pal trickstyle released sometime ago . that'd be cool .

there was some dude that needed help with sword of the berserk theres a fix for it on in the console patches /dc patches section .

thankx laters .
oh look for a classic gauntlet updated gauntlet game i will be working on for dc .


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