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jiggy 08-06-2006 02:47

allofmp3 ???!!!
Regards: U.K. music industry to sue

Need some advice, should I stop using allofmp3?
I have used them for about 2-3 months now and spend about $20-$40/week on music on some weeks, other weeks about $5-$10 because i am a big music fan.

I dont want to loose any money or be affected by this. Should I keep using them?

TippeX 08-06-2006 03:25

that decision is a decision only you can make......

EMPiRE 08-06-2006 13:14

Anyone could tell that what they do is wrong, BUT no-one has ever proven this in a (Russian) court of law. Until then it is a fully legal service and I would use them without a problem.
Taking them to court in the UK seems to me far fetched as they are a Russian company.... Also telling that using them is illegal is ridicules as they first have to prove that they are illegal...

Keep in mind that from the 1st of September 2006 their prices will (most likely) be raised as a new Russian copyright law will be in effect then

princcce 14-07-2006 09:05

The music is not expensive enough to be legally. I think this is an illegal downloadsite.:)

Joe Forster/STA 14-07-2006 09:17

You don't understand, do you? If Russian law doesn't prohibit the duplication of (some) copyrighted material, e.g. music CD's, then that site is, by definition, NOT illegal (in Russia). Of course, it's cheap as they buy only one copy of each CD and sell zillion copies of it on the site...

acal3000 15-07-2006 16:16

The RIAA are a bunch of morons sueing 12 years old kids with thousands of dollars for a horrible and comercial song that isn't worth 10 cents is stupid

Joe Forster/STA 16-07-2006 04:16

... while more than half of the Internet's traffic is spam, which costs like a hundred times more than kids stealing games. And, for that matter, millions of people are dying of hunger, thirst, AIDS and tribe wars in the third world. Noone seems to care about that...

princcce 17-07-2006 08:49

Hunger and thirst !!
There is almost no hunger on this planet but strong thirst. But who cares, the main thing is that laws have to stay like nowaday to keep this site alive. "Viel weniger verlangen ja die Kollegen von AllofMP3 in Russland, das ja laut IFPI ein nicht legal operierender Musikshop ist."

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