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Hkcuong 28-11-2011 17:55

An iso file to CDs
I have a DVD which contained 4.7GBs of data and I want to split it into 6 blank CDs (I guess so) with a capacity of 700 mb each. I have tried Nero 7 and MagicIso or PowerIso but I couldn't do the job. What must I do? Thanks all.
PS: PLEASE, Don't tell me to use hjsplit or winrar:)

TippeX 28-11-2011 18:28

that all depends, what data is on the dvd? what file sizes etc?

Hkcuong 28-11-2011 19:58

It occupied all the space of the DVD. It was a movie DVD.

Joe Forster/STA 28-11-2011 20:24

You cannot split a movie DVD. Well, yes, technically you can but what sense does it make to feed 6 CD's into the DVD player to watch the damn movie?! If you want to shrink it to a CD size, recode it into an XviD+MP3 codec AVI format - that will, of course, mean a significant degradation of both video and audio quality, though.

Hkcuong 29-11-2011 01:12

Yep, I've found the solution. First, the DVD must be ripped to fit to CDs (I used Magic DVD Ripper). Luckily for me, it only takes one DVDs and one CD (Or, I don't know what to do, hehe:D). Then, use Nero express or whatever similar to burn it to CD. That's all. I hope that it will not reduce the quality of the movie:mad:

Desu[Shield] 01-02-2012 20:35 not use XviD/MP3 for transcoding. Those are depreciated formats now. Use H264 and AAC if you can (handbrake will do it for you).

TrevorTed 28-11-2017 05:50

An iso file to CDs
I have often burned an ISO file onto HDD then created a number of DVDs from the ISO file. Doesnt help you, but Ive never had any problems.

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