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Joe Forster/STA 27-06-2012 01:01

New anti-warez forum rules? #2
(I had to create a new thread as the previous one doesn't allow the poll to be reset.)

Let me rephrase the idea: How about deleting "suspicious" posts on sight? This is not as harsh a punishment as banning but it's annoying enough to make people think twice about posting them again.

REV0 27-06-2012 10:10

If the game's conversion files or 'file list' is in here before the actual release, it's piracy. For example spec ops will be released in 29, but pirated version on internet and people requested it.

Deleting these kind of threads directly 'on sight', will cause other problems, because they will continue to request them. IMO, thread should be locked with a notice that it's a pirated version's request, and it should remain until actual release then deletion.

Joe Forster/STA 27-06-2012 12:11

That wasn't exactly what I meant. If people request (or publish) conversions before the release date then they will get a warning, along with their posts deleted - this has already been decided in the previous poll. If there are many requests then many people will get a warning. And, if/when I get annoyed, a sticky will be made, too - in my opinion, that's more to the point than leaving a closed thread as a memento for a few (?) days.

I was talking about screenshots and file lists with details that are suspicious enough in general. I cannot give you a precise definition of "suspicious enough"; the decision will be the moderators' but forum members can also contribute to it by reporting posts that they find "suspicious enough".

Spec Ops: The Line has been released (in the USA) on July 26, according to, but its thread has a "suspicious enough" file list in its second post already. How ironic!

REV0 27-06-2012 12:28

In this case, they should be untouched then, but if they made a request about a game which wasnt released yet, necessary precautions must be taken.

WaltonSimons 14-09-2012 11:42

And what if the game was actually released even if states otherwise?

Joe Forster/STA 14-09-2012 13:05

That's when you start your conversion (or other post) with the note that, yes, it has been released. (This is explicitly written in forum rule #6. :p)

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