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T5e5s5t12345 16-12-2006 16:57

Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%?
Which is better?

I have alcohol 120% but daemon tools seems even easier to use and better. Thoughts?

XdaywalkerX 16-12-2006 18:09


i think u'r in the wrong section... :D

alcohol is a commercial project whitch supports copying, burning and mounting images - and such features like network sharing and much more.

daemon tools is freeware an just have the option to mount images - that's all.

GLH 16-12-2006 23:28

I prefer Alcohol 120%, because it's not only a virtual drive.

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Joe Forster/STA 17-12-2006 04:09

It depends on what you want. Daemon Tools is better at CD/DVD emulation (better engine, updated more often, always ahead Alcohol 120%); Alcohol 120% is better at imagin/burning Cd's/DVD's (Daemon Tools lacks these features completely).

TippeX 17-12-2006 05:45

alcohol 52% was released as a free edition, so you could try that

contrary to popular belief, the engines are more or less identical,
as they have some of the same coders in each team...

alcohol burns images and can make them
daemon tools can only mount images (no burning capability, no making image capability)

sometimes alcohol is ahead too (they were the first ones with sptd 1.38 for example)

alcohol is also available as a trial version, so you could probably check it out for yourself

Artik2 28-12-2006 15:06

I never used Alcohol for burning, just for network image sharing...
Its a little easier to use than daemon tools.

ken buckley 07-01-2007 05:23

Can anyone tell me, how do you mount an image into a game using alcohol or daemon tools as i am a beginnerat this?

TippeX 07-01-2007 08:09

reading the manual generally helps..
in daemon tools its quite easy, right click on the sys tray icon
select 'virtual drive', then the next popup item, then 'mount image'

chen2file 10-05-2007 18:46

Daemon Tools is an easy-to-use virtual drive. But Alcohol 120% can do many other things.

clint999 10-06-2008 03:10

Can anyone tell me, how do you mount an image into a game using alcohol or daemon tools as i am a beginnerat this?

TippeX 10-06-2008 03:32

you read the manual or online help... its hardly rocket science...

main difference between dt and alcohol is that alcohol can burn disks... core wise they're very hard to tell apart..

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