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Jetjaguar 18-03-2019 10:13

.clf format Godzilla save the earth xbox
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I own a legal copy of Godzilla save the earth Xbox and it is one of my favorite games and I would like to make my own custom cities. the .clf files header is pipeworks bundle file version 1.3 if anybody could explain to me how to make an extracter for this file I would be very grateful. You have to extract the .7z to get to the .clf sorry but thank you for helping.

WaltonSimons 23-03-2019 12:57 - section "Game Archive" - this community will help you more. Maybe. There's definitely a bigger chance since many users specialize in working with various exotic archive types.

Jetjaguar 24-03-2019 15:20

Thank you for telling me I did not Know that site existed I am still new with reverse engineering like stuff but anyway thank you for your help!

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