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snake2 03-02-2006 22:29

power calibration error
i have a pioneer dvr 108 and tried to burn some verbatim dvd+r dl ( i know ive burnt that brand before) but this time i got a power calibration error when burning the second layer and i get the same problem when burning ritek dvd-rw's

tomorrow i was gonna try getting a lens cleaner and see if that helps if that doesnt fix the problem then should i get a new drive? ive had my drive for a while now and made about 1000 discs plus the dvds i rip

i tried using nero 7.0.12 and dvd decrypter

dvd-r, cd-r and cd-rw all work fine

i also noticed that i cant burn my 16x media at 16x

Eagle 04-02-2006 09:38

first, try different media.

If the problem stays, contact Pioneer or your retailer (where you bought the drive) for help.

DABhand 04-02-2006 10:50

Yep usually media is the main problem for that error..

Or your lens needs a bit of a clean.

snake2 04-02-2006 22:00

well ran a lens cleaner through a couple times, DVD-RW is giving me internal target failure then if i try again session fixation error im thinking thats because of how old the discs are i forget when i got them.

im trying to make a hotswap disc to rip my xbox 360 games so im gonna re-create my dummy data and try the DVD+R DL again I'll post back with the results

snake2 09-02-2006 12:40

well after cleaning the lens it still wouldnt burn the DLs so i got a Nec drive and it burnt the same discs (from the same pack) at 8x no problem guess my pioneer is on the way out

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