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-sheep- 13-07-2013 07:28

Cloud gaming.. end of trainers??? discuss :)
Hello people!!!

Yes, it is I the mighty bahhhhhh himself.. i turn my back for ... 2 years.. and when i look back everyone has gone???

neways.. hello to anyone who knows me... hates me.. etc etc.. thin line between love and hate so im never sure what side my friends are on at any particular time :)

I thought i would toss a subject in the air and see if anyone heard it fall in the middle of the woods?? anyone??

so.. what ya think?? will CLOUD GAMING be the future?? and will it take off?

Personally i think the answer is NO!!!! cloud gaming basically puts tooo much power in the hands of these companies.. you dont have the solid copy in your hand to add to any kind of collection.. and lastly server dowing is inevitable.. taking a gaming platform completely online (as we seen with MS sudden shitbird 360 on their DRM decision) is a massive NO NO!! i dont want to play halo 22 on my ipad 15... i just wanna know that when i want to play im not going to have to go online all the time..

If this shit does take off.. it obviously will be the end of trainers and cheating .. back to the golden age of rooting around the backs of magazines for cheat codes to every game... i say the golden age.. it was actually SHIT!! cus no inet.. meant stupid amounts of money phoning america for thier cheat lines :) oh.. back in the day.. things were simpler..

neways... tnx for listening.. if u feel like it.. drop us an opinion..

P.S im working on a new site atm.. my main trainers are sold through another site.. but there will be LOTS of free stuff aswell.. so keep your ear to the ground :)


remcodevries 26-08-2013 18:48

i agree
mostly that is :D

i really really don't like the trend of the last few years where you don't get a hard copy of software you get installed on your computer or that you buy. just some digital software only copy that you have to download again each time your computer hickups and you have to reinstall the os. (gotta love windows lol)

one nice thing about the cloud thing is that with some games they'll let you store a copy of your save game online to be accessed from anywhere that you want and not the game or such. which in my opinion should be the thing to do.

example, you go to a friend and play the game on their computer but with the save game through the cloud system. you save to the cloud again and you can continue at home.

anyways, that's my 2 cents worth. :D


STN 11-09-2013 17:29

Its pretty obvious, the future of cloud gaming is actually pretty dim. Look at what happened with xbox one and on pc look at simcity and EA. I don't know any other cloud games that are released recently.

Somehow i feel this thread was more about advertising yourself sheepy

Joe Forster/STA 15-09-2013 03:44

Cloud computing is fine but, in my opinion, clouding gaming will eventually turn out to be another kind of DRM bullshit. When you have the physical media in your hands, and no online activation required, then you can play the game whenever, whereever and however you like. (You can circumvent and check for physical media with a no-CD/DVD patch.) However, when these clouding gaming sites go down - or it stays up but the particular game is "discontinued" - then you can't play the game anymore although you still "have" it.

More and more of your rights are being taken away - just like in the rest of your life - so I recommend that you don't fall for it.

pellik 16-12-2013 09:11

Tons of values and routines will be stored locally and will always be available to modify. Cloud services are usually more about community (steam achievements) and convenience (cloud save) then preventing cheating in single player games. The same tools used to make hacks for multiplayer games can be used to make trainers for single player cloud based games.

devastate 27-10-2016 13:46

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TippeX 27-10-2016 14:27

lodere sheep :)

Joe Forster/STA 03-11-2016 02:07

I think "devastate" is a spambot.

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