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cartho 24-03-2002 04:56

cd cops 1,92
I want to make a backup of a cd protected with cd cops ver.1,92 I have tried with Mclallo , cd cops unpacker and cd cops 1,76 please help. The name of the cd is Gads store Engelsk- Dansk ordbog.

themis_t 24-03-2002 13:52

have you tried clony and clone cd?

[email protected] 24-03-2002 14:31

CD-Cops is meant to be hard for Clone CD to copy - you might think Why don't they use this more often? They don't use it more often cos the originals had trouble playing in a lot of CD-drives. Some say the new Starforce is basically CD-Cops "fixed".

Have you tried looking for a crack from:

SirDavidGuy 24-03-2002 15:58


Originally posted by [email protected]
Some say the new Starforce is basically CD-Cops "fixed".

It doesn't appear to be fixed. They may have a *slightly* more optimized angle-detection routine, but it still has problems with most of the same drives.

themis_t 25-03-2002 12:40

so,we are not going to have many more highly protected games with cd-cops...

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