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Joe Forster/STA 16-02-2010 18:37

New anti-warez forum rules?
Regarding recent "obvious" cases reported by DABhand but not acted upon by moderators...

I suggest adding the following to rule #1:
Screenshots or file lists made from warez releases, containing suspicious material such as "Crack" directory or release group name somewhere or similar, will be considered warez. And don't try to edit it, we will probably find out anyway.

I'm open to suggestions, especially from DABhand. Make sure to come up with simple, clear and objectively provable ones only, though!

napalmguy 06-03-2010 02:57

well Joe I understand where u coming from but not all so called suspicious folder are "warez" folders. I myself put a folder called "Stuff" inside all my backups which contains trainers, my savegames and all extra media like soundtrack or wallpapers but really some people are over obsessed with finding so called "warez" users where in fact they maybe the one using warez.
I say that finding a crack folder is not warez proof as most legitimate users prefer to use cracked .exe instead of original files which saves them the hassle of constant CD-Checks and so on, and instead u punish them by considering them warez users for just a guess?
I really wish to hear your reply and really hope you can make your point to me cuz some members have gone too far, whether it's the warez user or the obsessed forum members
btw I know that all members are valued members which are contributing to this nice forum.

Joe Forster/STA 06-03-2010 09:26

If I had my strong and confident opinion about this matter then I wouldn't have started this poll at all. So, let's wait until the poll closes and then I'll tell you what I think about all this. (I assure you, I've already had my opinion for years and it won't change for the next few weeks.)

ShadowDuke 06-03-2010 12:58

Poll started a long time ago, and only 6 votes, hmm..

Joe Forster/STA 06-03-2010 13:03

Why, the other poll about multiplayer trainers/cheats/hacks was closed without useful results, too. I'm disappointed; again what my ex-boss once said proved to be true: a good dictatorship is better than a bad democracy.

mondragon 07-03-2010 03:56

i agree with banning users that show listing/screenshots with crack or other things similar because looks like fileforums support warez users for long time

it's abnormal to have all games ... no one can buy all thats games
and i remeber a lot of users that dont know how looks "original games" :P - then he/she posts screenshots from iso with cracks.

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