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Joe Forster/STA 30-01-2010 12:38

CheatHappens vs. h4x0r, complaints, abuse etc. - other threads merged here, too
Posts with the following contents will be rewarded with (at least) a month of ban:
  • Any kind of discussion of the CheatHappens vs. h4x0r war.
  • Discussion about why CheatHappens should or shouldn't be a free/paid site.
  • Abuse - including but not limited to making fun - against either or both CheatHappens or h4x0r for the quality (or lack of it?) of their trainers. Discussing that this or that trainer doesn't work is fine but abuse for trainers not working (correctly) is not.

The "war" and other kind of communication between the two parties - including fans, haters, enemies - is considered finished on this forum, further discussion does not belong here and, therefore, is not welcome. Thank you for your attention.

Joe Forster/STA 06-03-2010 13:09

ATTN: The forum is being hacked by an anti-h4x0r hacker!
(2010-03-06) Some people who don't like h4x0r are currently hacking the board - as it looks, by finding out other forum members' passwords or logging in in their names via other means - and posting their trainer advertisements - and later plain crap - into this forum simply for abusement against the forum, h4x0r and me, not to help anyone. Please, stay away from those threads, otherwise you may fall victim to the ban stick. Also, make sure you have a secure password that is hard to guess by hand or by software (dictionary attack or whatever). If your account was hacked and has been banned without reason, please, have patience and we'll try to re-establish your account later when CheatHappens and their fans are finished (literally) on this forum.

We have also been threatened - in PM - by someone with intentional sabotage by uploading fake/broken trainers to GCW. This is now way beyond what could be attributed to acceptable frustration due to our impartiality in their war against h4x0r - who, by the way, never came up with such serious measures against our forum - and this is the point where CheatHappens and everyone related to it lost all of my sympathy. They and their fans will be dealt with accordingly later. Also, stay tuned for our results in the "h4x0r uses weird DLL's in his trainers against those of CheatHappens" topic which will be published within a few days (really!).

[...] We have just been threatened with attempts to break into moderator accounts, too. Without the necessary privileges, I cannot do anything more than continuing to permban hacked accounts but, hopefully, Empire will come here as soon as possible! Unbelievable: such a situation or anything even remotely similar to it has never occurred in the history of the forum.

[...] Empire intervened and the board software has been upgraded. (That was the reason for the short maintenance.) Hopefully, this puts and end to the hacked accounts.

[...] Fake trainers have just been uploaded (but not published on GCW!) so measures will be taken to distinguish them from real ones. [...] A few fake trainers that were already on GCW for a few weeks - it seems, the attack against us started weeks ago! - have been sorted out.

[...] (2010-03-07) I received the following PM. According to this, CheatHappens was not (directly?) behind the hacking.


Originally Posted by Julian84
So, patching the forum code to the latest version was a smart move. Unfortunately the exploit still exists in this version as well. I can take over any account on this board, including yours. I could bring this entire board down if I wanted to. However, that's not what I want.

I wanted to show you first hand how it feels when it's your shit that's being hacked and ripped and you're absolutely helpless to do anything about it. That's exactly how myself and others feel every time someone like h4x0r rips our shit and then we see you over here giving people technical support for his ripped trainers. It's appalling.

So, I'm going to leave you be. I won't be hacking into any more accounts or posting any more messages as I feel like you got the point. I will however be monitoring the status of h4x0r and his ripped trainers and how you and this site continue to support them.

PS: The sticky regarding CheatHappens. While it's nice to have someone so easily take the fall for me, you are indeed barking up the wrong tree. I am not a member of CheatHappens, but I am someone who has also been victimized by h4x0r's thieving ways, so I can now sympathize. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about who I may or may not be. Seeing as how the list of people that h4x0r has wronged seems to be growing with every new trainer release, you have quite the pool of people to pick from.

[...] (2010-03-13) Funnily enough, we received the following E-mail, too, on 2010-03-06 - the reason for a few edits in this post, along with the thread title. I wonder, though, why CheatHappens is threatening us with their fucking lawyers when obviously none of them were able to do anything against h4x0r... ;)


While I have been banned from FF, someone sent me the following link along with the text:

Not sure what Joe is going on about, but this is very slanderous as it mentions us specifically, including our trademarked name. Unless you have some kind of proof, you know that thing that Joe is always going on about, then I would ask that you remove this text before I have to forward it to our legal counsel. I can assure you that no one from our site is involved with what Joe is accusing us of. I can’t help it if some anti-h4x0r peeps are attacking your board. That guy has a lot of people that hate him (present company included) and you guys seem to love him for some reason.


Chris O'Rorke (chris(at)cheathappens(dot)com)
Co-Founder, Business Operations Manager
Cheat -
(2010-03-15) To my question came the answer.


Originally Posted by Caliber
You wrote:


I wonder, though, why CheatHappens is threatening us with their fucking lawyers when obviously none of them were able to do anything against h4x0r..
This is ongoing and we are taking his stealing of our code very seriously. He also just posted what he calls a 'cracked' trainer of ours on HIS website. We have a file on him that is huge, as do we have one one growing on GCW. This isn't 'funny' to us, this is our business and livelihood. We currently have investigators in play to locate him in his own fucking country and he WILL be turned over to the authorities there. We are spending thousands of dollars to do this, this isn't just an empty threat. People think they can hide behind the fact that they are thousands of miles away in some other country. His ISP and him are in big trouble, joe, so don't just assume that this is over. We are going after his 'content' right at the fucking source now, so do whatever you want regarding hax0r and 'his' trainers. thank you for rewording the thread as asked to, but you may be requested to do other things as required by law in the near future. i am mainly telling you this because of the small relationship with tippex, who i respect and want to steer him clear of all this. every person on earth LIVES somewhere and is under the LAWS of their own country. nobody is invisible. i don't know who gets 'paid' for what at GCW or who the 'owner(s)' is/are so take the info and do with it what you wish regarding people who need to be told, but i want tippex to get this. the rest of you have washed your hands of us so i have done the same. i've personally sent him trainers as favors and sheep and him go way back, etc. his box is full or i would have sent this to him myself. don't bother returning any messages and i won't be posting anything in the forums.

Julian84 14-03-2010 03:48

h4x0r [allegedly] threatens botnet attack
Seeing as how GCW is still hosting h4x0r's malware-ridden trainers, I thought you guys might be interested in how he is now making threats to unleash a botnet attack with them. This is exactly the kind of thing those 'harmless' dll's could be used for that his trainers have been dropping on everyone's systems for the past several months. You guys are idiots if you continue using his garbage and the people at GCW are bigger idiots for continuing to support and post this crap.

Obviously the admins at GCW could care less about what happens to it's members systems or they would have long removed all of these 'infected' trainers as they were made aware of the problem weeks ago.

Reference where GCW was made aware of the malware:

Julian84 14-03-2010 04:06

It looks like the talented trainer makers from team GGHz are the latest victims of h4x0r's continued ripping. I'm guessing they will stop sending their stuff here soon. Might as well rename this place h4x0rtrainerworld as that's about all it will consist of at this rate.

TippeX 14-03-2010 04:26

yawn, and the trainer war continues...

u know, these sort of 'stories', along with the numerous posts, along with the numerous threats against the site are getting REALLY fucking boring..

we didn't make hax0r, we didn't make cheathappens, we didn't make sicheats...

as for 'infected' trainers.. that begs the question WHO is infecting them doesn't it..

Julian84 14-03-2010 04:30

You can get these infected trainers directly from h4x0r's website.

The public deserves to know the truth and make up their own minds. Everyone knows that you didn't 'make' h4x0r, but you certainly continue to support him as if you did. Might as well put him on staff (if he's not already).

Joe Forster/STA 14-03-2010 05:23

1 Attachment(s)
Julian84, you are a fucking idiot. First, you attacked h4x0r indirectly by directly hacking our forum (for readers: see first PM in because we're not on your side (who said we're on h4x0r's side? we're trying to be impartial!) and now are complaining about h4x0r attacking you directly? Look up the word "revenge" in your thesaurus and ponder upon why we would give a fuck about other people doing things on other forums?! We're not your nanny so take your pathetic whining, that of a 5-year-old against another, elsewhere.

If you blame us then your moral values are warped. Now, away with you!

[...] I've downloaded all trainers from the first three pages of sicheats' trainers forum.
  • Most of them create a file called, music.mod or sound.mod in the Windows SYSTEM32 directory. (Yes, they are plain MOD files.)
  • The Mass Effext 2 and Dark Void trainers create scs.dll.
  • The Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and Lost Planet Colonis trainers create h4x0r.dll.
  • Resident Evil and Red Faction Guerilla trainers create both in C:\ (I agree, a very stupid idea).
  • Serious Sam HD creates SCX.dll in C:\.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and NBA 2K10 create SCS.dll and SCX.dll and game.jpg (yes, a JPG picture) into Windows SYSTEM32 directory.
  • The Sicheats.dll many trainers use is actually BASSMOD.dll from BASSMOD 2.0. (Yes, I checked it against the official distribution package.) Told ya right away about cracktros using this DLL, didn't I?
  • Some of the DLL's are naked code, some are compressed with UPX, Pecompact2 or ASPack (I managed to decompress most). In case you're interested, I've attached them. (Several instances of SCS.dll differred in compilation date only, I kept only one of those.)
However, all these files are also all deleted upon exit. I repeat: NONE OF THEM ARE LEFT BEHIND. Therefore, they cannot be used for any malicious goal. What are you talking about?!

Before becoming a fucking idiot by spreading unfounded rumors, educate yourself, get a HIPS os Sysinternals' Process Monitor or whatever and check it out yourself. (Supposing that you want to help people and not just stir shit up for your own purposes.) And, if you want something from us then give specific examples as I'm not gonna waste another few hours with checking out this stuff myself upon a general report!

swiss-cs 14-03-2010 06:49

What is GCW's official stance?
We (the readers) see all this h4x0r vs. the world stuff on the boards, but we never get any information as to why GCW sways one way or the other.

I mean, I see posts like this one:

...and it makes me sick as I personally appreciate what GCW does here. However, no one is coming out to dispel these rumors. Is it true? Is there some hidden reason why you continue to [apparently] support h4x0r?

So far I've seen [~Psych], [sheep], Caliber, Lingon/CES and now GGhz all say that h4x0r has ripped their work. I also see that h4x0r is now CRACKING other people's work (see: -or- I also read where many people have said that h4x0r's trainers are dropping hidden system level dll files, apparently in preparation for a botnet attack. While I personally don't care if h4x0r wants to attach CH or any other site, I'd rather he not use MY PC to do it. Yet, these files continue to be hosted here.

You claim over and over to be 'impartial' but it seems that you're being impartial to the point of being irresponsible. If you own a store that sells food to the public and several of your best customers tell you that some of your food is tainted, do you pull it off the shelf or wait until someone actually dies first?

I'm not trying to prolong this war or favor one person or another. I'm just trying to get some kind of official response from GCW. Please don't nuke or lock this thread, just try to keep things on topic and non-flaming.

Joe Forster/STA 14-03-2010 14:07

Our official statement will be made in a few days. (I am sorry about prolonging this pretty much indefinitely but we're still waiting for incoming information.) Until then, there's no point in asking because we won't answer.

As for h4x0r's trainer(s) dropping suspicious DLL's, show me a download like that on his forum. Until then, what the fuck are we talking about: rumors?! (Remember the rumors about Starforce that remained only rumors because noone was able to show actual proofs?) In the meantime, let us continue our investigation, thank you. [...] Ahhh, see above. I wasted another 4-5 hours of my life with this shit; I'm really annoyed!

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