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Warlock 02-12-2006 19:24

Wii Forum rules
These very simple rules are intended to keep our forums clean and online. If you have any additions send a Moderator a PM requesting an addition to the rules.

We wish to discourage and clamp down on blatant pirate activities. We assume for the good of the forum that all your game copies are backups intended to protect your originals. If this not the case, then don't mention it on the forum.

1. No asking/telling where to download pirated games(including roms)
2. No asking/telling where to buy backups
3. No asking/telling about illegal trading, (buying/selling)
4. No asking about already downloaded pirate ISO's
5. No improper language that would give kids' parents cause for concern
6. All questions to be posted in English
7. No posting messages in ALL CAPS
8. No "flaming" other members (except Moderators dealing with idiots)
9. If you even think something may be breaking the rules dont post about it.
10.Additional forum Rules

If you break any of these rules you have just enlisted in a possible banning.

The Moderators.

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