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xNoah 17-11-2021 07:47

How to repack games
Hello, I'm a new user in the whole pirating/repacking community. I recently wanted to start repacking a few games just for the experience and the fun of it. (Not become a big known repacker like blah or blah and more). I recently watched this tutorial on how to repack but I thought I'd get some opinions and advises from this forum. So what do you think I can use that's better than what that dude used from the video etc.

Well in a nutshell, I pretty much would like to know tools on how to compress files, create setup files and stuff and with an installer decompress them etc. Basically something most repackers use these days like yellow mask dude (im just not mentioning their name I know it though fyi) etc. A head start in all of this.

(I'm a beginner so try to speak normal English to me)

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