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Limerick 19-07-2012 18:17

Multiplayer Profile download for COD4: MW?
Hi, i haven't played this game in a long time but is there a way to obtain a profile for COD4 that has just a single 70 level rank?

Using default guns against seasoned veterans is too tough without the higher up weapons i used to have, and would like to have back.

Thanks for anyone who can help.

Grumpy 20-07-2012 00:19

There used to be a 'Level Up' hack for COD4, not sure if its still floating around somewhere ..... but be warned, I do know people who were banned from some servers for using it!! Even tho it is a 'hack' its not a multiplayer hack, meaning it gives you no gain ingame except for obviously ranking you up to 70 and giving you all the extra weapons, its not an aim bot or a wall hack. ;)
Unfortunately, when it comes to COD4 you MUST always back up you MP Profile, it is not saved online, if you uninstall without first backing up your profile then you have to start from the beginning again ...... but I guess you are already aware of this. :p

Limerick 20-07-2012 12:40

it's not a hack at all, it's a profile that can be renamed, i was level 55 (not 70 as i stated before, played too much MW2), and wouldn't mind having an RPG for helicopters.

I know i should have saved my profile but have upgraded to an X58 i7 core system and didnt have any discs at the time.

Thanks though.

Grumpy 21-07-2012 02:01

Technically it is a hack even tho it is just an edited Profile. ;)

btw, an easy way to save your profile even tho you have no discs ..... rar your profile folder and email it to yourself. That way its safely sitting on your mail server. :)

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