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icevdr 07-07-2013 17:35

Port royale 2
To start with my apologies if i put this in the wrong section but after 3 hours of searching and reading posts i'm numb and seeing letters flying past :)

The problem is i have an original cd for port royale 2, now i think as far as i understood most other posts i could find, that it is normal that i get an error message saying this is not the right cd since i'm using windows 7. correct me if i'm wrong btw
Now i already bought another copy online from dotemu which worked about a year and a half ago. Now as far as that is right it doesn't work anymore since my drivers have been updated past a certain level and since the game is too old it just won't start up and will only be displayed in the processe running on the computer. Also setting back the drivers to a previous state doesn't work since even that one is past the level that still worked...

So now i can't use the one i bought about 2years ago and my original cd he won't even recognize and i read and found certain things about patches but i'm not eve sure if that will fix my problem...even if i could get the original game to work with for example a nocdpatch/crack...i'm guessing it won't run because of the windows7 and my drivers being to far up to date???

Anyone that can tell me if i'm completely missing the ball here and if there is a solution? I would be very thankful since i bought the latest version port royale 3, but that isn't near as good as the old one sadly enough

tyvm and i'm hoping someone finds the courage to read all this and has the knowledge to help me.

Joe Forster/STA 08-07-2013 00:15

Use Windows XP Mode (or whatever it is called) or setup Windows XP inside a VMware/VirtualBox/VirtualPC virtual machine and run the game inside it with a no-CD patch. Recently, I've set up Windows 98 in VirtualBox, to be able to play again with Sports Car GT. :)

icevdr 08-07-2013 03:20

and how do i do that? sorry i'm not such a computer genious :D

What i did try already since it was suggested on other forums is right click and go to properties, compatibility and select to run it in compatibility for windows xp (even tried 98 end win 95) nothing of that sort worked.

yea thatt virtual pc thing didn't woork forme, altho i'm probably doing something i said i know how to play games, not how to make them run when they don't :p

i followed all the steps on the microsoft website, installed xp mode and the virtual pc download, tried loading up the xp mode in the virtual pc and got the error message "windows xp mode is not advailable in this version of windows"

My guess is the guidelines are to general, made for people that already know what they're doing... maybe i just need a dummyproof version taking it trough step by step from start to finish...i don't know.
unless this errormessage is normal and can be fixed with a patch or update or something

Joe Forster/STA 11-07-2013 23:24

Then get VMware Player or VirtualBox (both free) instead.

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